Detail view of PRESSURE GAUGE


Pressure gauges are instruments designed to measure the pressure of media in a system. Measuring the pressure in your system is a critical quality step to ensure consistency of a product and safety check to be aware of leaks or building pressure in a system.

Before specifying a gauge, it is important to understand the basic principles of what pressure is. Then the correct pressure gauge can be determined based on selection criteria, to accurately measure the pressure within the system.

Even the best measuring equipment produces a certain deviation from the actual value. It is important to know how this measurement accuracy is defined. Digital gauges in comparison with analog ones have higher accuracy.

The gauges are all liquid filled and/or equipped with a restriction screw in order to absorb any sudden pressure drop thereby preventing damage. Safety glass and blowout discs are standard for all gauges and all have dual scales (MPa/psi).

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Models Model Name Details
1 PG For measure the working pressure of lubrication systems. Range 0 - 28 Kg/Cm².