Detail view of Oil mist lubrication system

detail mist lubrication system

The OIL MIST LUBRICATION SYSTEM is specially designed to cope with the requirement where oilling is to be supplied in the form of Fog/mist. It is available both on intermittent/continuous discharge.


The Oil Mist Lubricator is best suitable for Conveyors, Sliding chains, Spindles, Stripes, Drives of Power Presses and Shearing Machines, Textile Machines etc.

Operational Function

The Oil Mist Lubricator consists with an imported acrylic reservoir which is joined with a single or multi outlet block.

The oil block is primarily a metering block in which oil discharge corresponds to stroke of small pistons provided inside the block.The pistons which are of spring return type moves with the pressurised air connected to air inlet point of the block. With the movement of pistons, oil is sucked from the reservoir and the sucked quantity is controlled /adjusted by adjusting stroke of piston by an adjusting screw.


The system is a combination of a acrylic reservoir tank, Vertical float switch, Oil Block, Air Regulator, Solenoid Valve, FRL Unit, Nozzle for Mist, Timer (for intermittent).Four nos. mounting brackets are provided on the back wall of Mist unit to mount the unit on to any vertical surface


The systems are suggested to install at some convenient place preferably very nearer to the lubrication points.The mounting dimension are given in the drawing. Mostly 4mm and 10mm Nylon Tube is required to connect from block with the lubrication point.