Detail view of metering cartridge


The metering cartridge is a kind of mini-cylinder with a check valve, where stroke of piston determines the amount of ejected oil.

It is designed such that every time when pump is operated, it ejects out predetermined amount of oil. When pressure is released, the cartridge gets recharged. For proper recharging of metering cartridges there shall be a small time gap in between subsequent operations of pumps.

Maximum permissible pressure for metering cartridge is 40 Kg/cm2. Minimum working pressure is 8 Kg/cm2 and pressure shall drop to less than 1 Kg/cm2 in between successive operations.

Common Applications –

Metering Cartridges are used in Single Shot Oil Lubrication System on various machines such as Machine Tools, Textile Machines, Die Casting Machines, Sheet Metal Working Machines, Shearing and Press Brakes, Metal Forming Machines, Rubber Mixing Machines, Printing Machines, Injection/Blow Moulding Machines, Presses and Hammers, Packaging Equipment, Pharmaceuticals Machines, Food Processing Equipment etc. We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Metering Cartidges from Faridabad, India.

Models Model Name Details
1 D-1 Dosage 0.01cc, 0.03 cc, 0.05 cc, 0.10 cc, 0.16 cc per stroke.
2 D-2 Dosage 0.25 cc, 0.40 cc per stroke.
3 D-3 Dosage 1.0 cc, 1.60 cc, Per stroke