Detail view of radial lubricator pneumatic pump

radial lubricator pneumatic pump

The pneumatic grease pump is suitable for dispensing of grease & automatic feeding of grease to bearing and other moving parts of machines. Such as milling machine, rolling machine, presses & hammers, rubber processing machine, dye casting machine, furnaces etc. This pump is suitable for grease upto NLG-2. For distribution we used progressive blocks through this pump.


Pneumatic grease pump are operated through pneumatic line, connected to the ports of pneumatic cylinder. The cylinder is built in with the pump housing. During on period of the pneumatic line a piston inside the cylinder is pushed ejecting out grease from the outlet port of the pump housing. During the reverse flow of pneumatic line grease is sucked through the suction port. In the pump spring force through follower plate exerted on the top surface of the grease make the suction of the grease positive & easier. Pneumatic pump is available in adjustable discharge & multiport with adjustable discharge in each port. Discharge & reservoir of pump is available as per customer requirement

Air Removing

Pump is made up of purely transparent acrylic reservoir for storage of grease. For sensing the Grease level a tell tale rod is provide and follower plate assembly for help in positive suction of grease. It contains two outlet part of ¼” BSP right and left side in which one is used as air bleed valve and second port used as a outlet. To check reverse flow of grease, a non return valve is provide in the system at the outlet port.

Filling Of Grease

For air removing, un screw the bleed plug apply compressed air & press the grease pusher by knob till grease come out from bleed port and plug the bleed port. The pump is ready for operation.


There is a reservoir mounted on the pump body for storage of grease. A tell tale rod connected for sensing grease level.

  • Check valve is fitted on the outlet port of the pump to stop reverse flow of grease into the pump through outlet port
  • To bleed air entrapped in the system, there is a plug on the pump body which is to be opened till continuous flow of grease starts coming.
  • The adjusting screw is provided in order to vary in output of the grease by tightening the screw the output of grease decreases and vice versa.
  • It is must to put filter regulator unit in the pneumatic line fed to the pump. This will ensure that pneumatic line going to the pump is dust and moisture free