Detail view of electronic timers


An electronic timer is more compact and also more complex than electro-mechanical timers. If feedback/output control functions are required (in terms of an alarm or another pre-programmed event), an electronic timer is a better fit than an electro-mechanical timer.

Some also operate as multifunction devices and others with long time ranges. These programmable timer solutions are available in many forms to meet many different needs: time indicators, reset timers, repeat cycle timers and multifunction timers. We are the manufacturers and suppliers of Electronic Timers from Faridabad, India.

Models Model Name Details
1 ET-5-120 ON time-5 sec. (Fixed) OFF time 2-128 min (Adjustable) (Wall / Panel mounting type)
2 ET-30-60 ON time-2-30 sec. (Adjustable) OFF time 2-60 min (Adjustable) (Wall / Panel mounting type)