Detail view of Banjo 4mm

Banjo 4mm

Banjo fittings 4mms are the mechanical equipments which are used for the fitting purposes in various pumps and fluid flow purposes in several industries. These banjo fittings are used for the purpose of flow of the air or fluid in very high velocity and jet.

Push-in fittings are ideal to create fast and reliable connections for pneumatic hoses. Connection 1 is a 4 mm port and it has hole for a banjo bolt. The banjo bolt with G 1/8 inch threads is suitable with this fitting. The body is made of PBT. The connection ports are made of POM. The seal material is NBR. The operating pressure range is -0.95 to 10 bar (-14 to 145 psi), making it suitable for vacuums. The fitting is suitable for temperatures from -20 to 60 °C (-4 to 140 °F).

Models Model Name Details
1 FB-4/M6X1 Suitable for tube 4 mm. ‘OD’
2 FB-4/M8X1 Suitable for tube 4 mm. ‘OD’
3 FB-4/M10X1 Suitable for tube 4 mm. ‘OD’
4 FB-4/1/8”BSP Suitable for tube 4 mm. ‘OD’