Detail view of manual grease pump

manual grease pump

This pump meant for feeding grease to bearing & other moving part of machines & other lightly machines having 1to 20 lubrication point.


On pulling the handle of pump, grease are sucked through suction port on pushing handle of pump grease comes out under pressure through check value. Spring pressure through follower plate exerted over the top surface of the grease further helps to push the grease in suction port.


Pump is made up of purely transparent acrylic reservoir for storage of grease. For sensing the Grease level a tell tale rod is provide and follower plate assembly for help in positive suction of grease. It contains two outlet part of ¼” BSP right and left side in which one is used as air bleed valve and second port used as a outlet. To check reverse flow of grease, a non return valve is provide in the system at the outlet port.

Filling Of Grease

Grease can be filled manually or with another pump. Filling from pump ¼” BSP port is provide. Manually, we have to remove follower plate, spring, top cover and fill the grease from the top of the reservoir and to fit all the components by pressure . For air removing unscrew the bleed plug pull the handle maximum out and press the follower plate by knob till grease comes out from bleed plug.

Distribution System

A Progressive block is used to distribute the grease to the available lubrication points in sequence one after another. Progressive Blocks are added as per requirement.

Models Model Name Details
1 MGP-500-3 Reservoir Cap. 0.50 KG. Discharge 3gm per stroke. Pressure setting 70 kg/cm2.
2 MGP-1000-4 Reservoir Cap. 1.0 KG. Discharge 4gm per stroke. Pressure setting 100 kg/cm2.
3 MGP-1500-6 eservoir Cap. 1.50 KG. Discharge 6gm per stroke. Pressure setting 120 kg/cm2.