Detail view of Oil Circulating System

oil circulating system

S. P. introduce O. C. S. (oil circulating system.) which is best suited for paper industry, steel plant, sugar plant... Etc.


In O. C. S. oil is sucked from reservoir with the help of pump and ejected on lubrication point. Through filter and cooler , oil is returned in the reservoir by returning line. Before pushing the oil again it should be clean with normal temperature.


In O. C. S. we use the gear pump /screw pump discharge up to 500 LPM driven by electric motor. Pump is connected with reservoir. Reservoir capacity is depend on pump discharge. In line filter , cooler and other control with the gauge fitted by standard tubing and fitting on strid

  • System are custom built, tailor made, packaged unit skid mounted, ready for installation and piping to parent machine, in simplex as well as duplex arrangements. Fabricated oil tank to hold required quantity of oil with accessories i.e. Mahole, breather cum filler, oil level indicators, level switches for level control, baffles, drain valve, heater etc.
  • Rotary gear, screw or centrifugal type pumps with built in relief valve, connected with electric motor. Filters of basket, self cleaning type, micron rating 10 micron onward depend on application. Material of element S.S wiremesh, paper, felt, fibre etc.
  • Oil cooler to cool oil, horizontal or vertical, shell and tube type, plate type etc.
  • Instrument panel consisting of pressure gauges, pressure switches, temperature gauges, temperature switches, RTD, flow switch, level switches, etc to keep control of the different parameters.
  • Control panel is designed for higher degree of sophistications to control above, parameters and automatic changeover of pump, oil coolers, filters, change of flow path.
  • Various valve are incorporated, check valve, gate, globe, ball, plug, relief valve, pressure control valve etc.