Detail view of Drip Oil Lubricator

Drip Oil Lubricator

Drip feed lubricators are developed for dosing of oil, or other liquids, to one or more lubrication points.

Their function is based only on gravitation base that means that they are not able to exert any pressure, and it is necessary to place them above the lubrication point and only in position expressed in the pictures below.

All types of drip feed lubricators allows the opportunity of visual check of dosing of the particular drops through check window placed in the lower part of the oiler (by drip feed oilers for more lubrication points – in lower part of particular drippers).

Output (outputs) from drip feed lubricator is connected to lubrication point (points) directly, or through short pipes (plastic pipe, screwing and anchor material).

These oilers dispense oil by gravity from transparent reservoir through Needle Valve. The Needle Valve is joined with Toggle Pin by which the Operator can on / off the flow manually.

The flow of the oil is controlled by adjusting the needle Valve and can be visualized from the in built Sight Glass.