Detail view of flange type rotary pumps

flange typer rotary pumps

ROTORY PUMPS are gerotor type pumps with positive displacement of oil. On the basis of construction they are of two types, flange type and insert type. Function wise these pumps can be classified into two types non reversible and reversible.

Non reversible pumps are rotates only on one direction indicated by an arrow where as the reversible pumps are rotates on either direction, clock-wise and anti-clock-wise. We are the manufacturers and suppliers of Flange Rotary pumps from Faridabad, India.

Models Model Name Details
1 PP-0.5 Discharge 0.5 LPM at 1500 RPM
2 PP-1 Discharge 1 LPM at 1500 RPM
3 PP-3 Discharge 3 LPM at 1500 RPM
4 PP-6 Discharge 6 LPM at 1500 RPM
5 PP-10 Discharge 10 LPM at 1500 RPM
6 PP-16 Discharge 16 LPM at 1500 RPM