Detail view of In Line Filter

inline detail-motorised-lubrication-pumpsfilter

Inline or line filters are devices that attach to pre-existing ductwork or tubing to remove impurities and liquids from air streams in different systems such as transportation engine filtration, HVAC systems and air compressors.

The inline filters are inserted into the systems to protect the receiving equipment from contamination by debris, particles and unwanted materials in the air stream. Inline filters are popular in many settings as they are an economic option for essential filtration and are effective with regards to both money and space.

While often times these are a standard feature of air filtration systems, inline filters may easily be added into pre-existing airflow systems if a need for further filtration is determined.

Common appliances such as vacuum cleaners and personal ventilation systems, as well as air powered tools such as spray and nail guns use air cleaner filters to create a healthier air environment.

Pharmaceutical and chemical applications and preparation systems may also use inline filters with HEPA filter certifications or ULPA filters to maintain a consistent air quality. These uses necessitate that inline filters be relatively compact in order to fit in the space permitted as existing systems often using minimal tubing or piping sizes. However, inline filters must still be versatile as ventilation systems inherently vary. Many companies offer universal adapters for just this reason. We are the manufacturers and suppliers of Inline Filter from Faridabad, India.

Models Model Name Details
1 IF-13 Inline filter for Oil & Grease upto 149 micron filtration Inlet & outlet port ¼” & ½” BSP.
2 IF-05 Inline filter for Oil Brounz filtration Inlet & outlet port ¼” BSP.