Detail view of Oil Level Gauge


The visual level gauges allow to see the oil level into the tank. The o-ring seal fitted at the tank fixing points allow a perfect seal also in case of uniform tank walls, without oil leakages.

There are two main series: -

  • Steel level gauges, chrome plated (LG series)
  • One piece nylon level gauges (LT series), nylon


The oil level gauge not only enables the oil level to be viewed but also recorded using a REED switch. In addition, the oil level gauges can also emit an electric signal if the temperature of the liquid inside the container reaches the threshold of 70 °C.

The sensor is located on the housing and its height can be adjusted in line with the control requirements for the oil level. The minimum level is ca. 35 mm from the centre of the lower fastening screw. The reed switch is equipped with a normally open (NO) contact as standard.
The temperature is monitored by a temperature switch (bi-metal). When the specified temperature is reached, the sensor closes (NO) or opens (NC) the circuit depending on the model. The maximum pressure is 1 bar. The maximum tightening torque of the fastening screws is 5 Nm. We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Oil Level Guage from Faridabad, India.

Models Model Name Details
1 OLG-120U To use in Lub. Units / Hyd. Tanks
2 OLG-75P To use in Pump & Small Tanks